The Moore or Less Farm is a 65-acre farm run by Jim (Moe) and Elissa Moore and is located in Bushwood, Maryland on the road to the Historic St. Clement’s Island State Park and Museum.  Jim Moore  has been a farmer his entire life, and comes from a tobacco farming family dating back three generations, to the late 1800’s.  The site was a working tobacco farm until 2005. We have converted the tobacco fields into hay and pasture for our livestock.

We  have a roadside market that is open to the public in front of our farm along side our barn that is approximately 75 years old, a former tobacco barn, that faces MD Rt. 242,  We sell fruits and vegetables, a variety of seasonal flowers and local products along with odds and ends to include alpaca products made from our very own stock. (Next year we will offer a pick-your-own experience of blackberries, raspberries . We have also planted 1500  Christmas trees  our customers will be able to  choose and cut  themselves hopefully for years to come)

Moore or Less Farm wants to provide products made locally, a true family farm experience as well as a reliable source for high quality Suri alpacas to our valued customers.

    22467 Colton Point Road
Bushwood MD 20618
Phone/Facsimile (301)769-2210